Interaction with JSGS 882 colleagues on social media and in-class

Although I never used twitter before starting this course, I feel more empowered with this additional social media tool in my basket. So far, I have made 16 tweets and now following 28 people on Twitter as well as have 17 followers. I only received few likes to my tweets and I can understand that when I made these tweets students were extremely busy with the class, but couple of students had discussion on my book review that I posted. I am going to use Twitter more frequently to achieve my career goals.

I have tried creating WordPress blog in the past, but I believe, because of lack of purpose I didn’t continue to write anything. This course provided me with this renewed opportunity and purpose and I feel that I could accomplish my immediate goals, if I venture on writing journey following some valuable learning from this course. I read and reviewed ‘Accidental Genius’ by Mark Levy and posted my summary and assessment along with advice to readers. I have received response and comments about the book review from Joe and of course from Professor Longo.

Although attending classes in Saskatoon was a bit of time commitment out of full-time job in Edmonton and some additional expense, each class was a fantastic opportunity with critical discussion and pressing questions from diverse background and real-life observations. Although I made every possible attempt to contribute to class discussions, my mind was busy relating the learning from the class to my existing and future roles and thinking how best I can use the knowledge, network and valuable academic resources that I could access through this course. I found number of fascinating articles and awakening web-safaris which I otherwise could never have accessed.

I would like to sincerely thank each one of you for bringing your knowledge to the class and sharing your wisdom. I am certainly better equipped to explore further on this journey.

Wish everyone my best!!

Pramod Kumar 


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